Steve Fund Podcast #1, recorded June 22, 2017.

Alex Williams, Stephen Berkemeier, Dr. Terri Wright

In this inaugural podcast, host and Steve Fund Executive Director Dr. Terri Wright talks with two students of color, Alex Williams, and Stephen Berkemeier, about their experience in regard to mental health on campus.  Stephen Berkemeier leads social media outreach for the Steve Fund. Until recently, he was  a Senior at the University of Michigan, majoring in psychology. He is passionate about mental health research, and has been a member of the Gender and Health Research Lab and the University of Michigan school of social work for nearly three years. Alexandra Williams was until recently a senior at Yale University majoring in political science with a concentration in urban studies. She serves as the National Youth Adviser of the Steve Fund and oversees the development and activities of the Youth Advisory Board and directs other youth engagement initiatives.

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