Programs & Services

Building mental and emotional health knowledge and capacity among organizations serving young people of color is a critical element of the Steve Fund’s mission. We offer an array of programs and services designed to assist both, institutions of higher education and nonprofits, in improving their capacity to support the mental health and emotional well-being of students of color. Programs and services include workshops, webinars, expert speakers, training and technology innovations. These services are designed and delivered by Steve Fund mental health experts: psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and scientific advisors.

Listed below are our programs and offerings for 2017-2018.

  • Student Lifecycle Programs: Support the transition for young people of color from home to college, college persistence, college to career. For this group, we offer Self Care workshops addressing:
    • Microaggressions
    • Imposter syndrome
    • Perceived discrimination
    • Dealing with stereotypes
    • LGBTQ series
    • Crisis Text Messaging Service for those in a crisis / suicidal situation
    • Support for students transitioning from college to career
  • Support for parents
  • Technical assistance for faculty, staff and administrators
  • Mental health speaker series on campus and conferences
  • Online resources and apps

For more detailed information about our programs and workshops please send an email message to


“Harvard Black Students Association greatly appreciates Dr. Rivera’s session. We brainstormed many ways to identify and address “micro”aggressions, imposter syndrome, and much more. Many attendees applaud Dr.Rivera’s interactive presentation for putting words to many of their thoughts and feelings as they navigate spaces on campus and beyond that do not fully embrace their dynamic identities.”

Shantell Williams, 2016-2017 BSA President, Harvard University

“The Steve Fund has been a vital partner for the Black Solidarity Conference (BSC) at Yale. From connecting us to incredible and diverse mental health professionals to compiling informational packets to share with our participants, The Steve Fund has certainly helped to raise awareness among students of color on our mental health and emotional well-being. BSC hosts 700 students annually from over thirty five different colleges and universities from across the country. For the past three years at BSC, The Steve Fund has provided access to information, prompted important discussions among our students, and has allowed them to develop tools to continue to improve mental health climates for students of color on their own campuses.”

Alexandra Williams, Yale College Class of 2017, BSC 2017 President

“As a group that seeks to understand issues of race and class and how they impact student health, Indigo Peer Counseling was really fortunate to have Dr. Rivera’s presence and hear his presentation about microagressions and imposter syndrome and how to address them. Because we feel that that those issues affect students that we aim to help, this opportunity allowed us to have a necessary conversation about these topics and reflect on our role as peer counselors in understanding and serving students’ needs.”

Aakriti Prasai, Co-Director, Indigo Peer Counseling, Harvard University

“As a coaching team for undergraduates of color, our priority is ensuring that our Fellows are prepared for the challenges that they will inevitably face in pursuit of high-achieving careers and leadership success. The Steve Fund and its affiliated scholars have provided invaluable insights and tools that help us to better equip the next generation of diverse leaders to make an impact in their organizations and communities.”

Andrea M. O’Neal, Coach, College Programs, Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT)

“Thrilled to be supporting students at CUNY-Hostos and UW-Tacoma this month, thanks to the Steve Fund!”

Jill Frankfort, President, Persistence Plus