Article: Campus News reports on the Steve Fund (Sept. 23, 2016)

Campus News, a publication covering 37 campuses in the New York Metro area, Upstate New York, Lower New England and New Jersey, reports on the Steve Fund’s activities. The article from September 23, 2016, states: “In a society riddled with conflict inspired by racial consciousness, resources pertaining to mental health and emotional support of students of color often seem out of reach.” Writer Claudia Lamberty puts particular emphasis on the Steve Fund’s Knowledge Center, stating:  “The Knowledge Center, the Steve Fund’s online research center, provides scholarly content to all visitors. Interviews with professors and mental health professionals, lectures, academic research and scholarly articles are available to educate all on issues of mental health.” The article also extensively quotes Steve Fund scientific advisor Dr. Annelle Primm. When considering facets of mental health, Dr. Primm states, “Ethnicity matters, culture matters, gender matters and age matters.”

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