Meet Our Latest Stephen C. Rose Legacy Scholar

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Meet Robina Onwong’a, a rising 4th year Ph.D. student at the University of Missouri’s (Mizzou) Counseling Psychology Program, and 2019 recipient of The Stephen C. Rose Scholarship for Psychology Research on African American Youth presented by The Steve Fund and The Association of Black Psychologists.

Robina Onwong’a is a Maryland native with Kenyan roots. She received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, French Language & Literature, and International Studies from the University of Maryland. She is a rising 4th year Ph.D. student at the University of Missouri’s (Mizzou) Counseling Psychology Program. She serves on a few executive boards: The Association of Black Psychologists, Student Circle, Communications Chair; Mizzou’s African Graduate and Professional Student Association (AGPSA), Secretary; Mizzou’s Counseling Psychology Student Organization (CPSO), 4th Year Doctoral Representative. As part of her clinical training, Robina has provided career counseling and currently provides individual therapy and co-facilitates group therapy at a community mental health clinic that uses an integrative behavioral health care approach. She also conducts clinical assessments at an autism and neurodevelopmental clinic. Robina’s research focuses on the influence that psychological trauma in early age has on psycho-social-emotional development, ethnic identification, and belonging for historically marginalized and underserved people, particularly those of African descent. She aspires to develop and consult about the implementation of culturally appropriate interventions that will support the mental health of those individuals, facilitate healing, and ultimately, spread love. Robina likes photography, teaching, facilitating workshops, traveling, spending time with family and friends, and fruits, to name a few significant things.


About The Stephen C. Rose Scholarship for Psychology Research on African American Youth

The Association of Black Psychologists is proud to offer The Stephen C. Rose Scholarship for Psychology Research on African American Youth. Established by The Steve Fund, this scholarship is in memory of Stephen C. Rose whose passions included psychology, in which he attained a graduate degree. It seeks to encourage and promote research on psychological challenges confronting African American youth. This is an area of study which needs greater attention, particularly given the impact of societal issues such as racism, which have a negative effect on the mental health of African American youth.

The Steve Fund has established this award in recognition of the inspiration Stephen gave to all of those who knew him. Stephen was a young African American man who lived life with courage, determination, and compassion. He cared deeply about the well-being of others, therefore this fund was created by his family and friends to promote the mental and emotional well-being of young people of color.

For additional information, contact The ABPsi National Office at 301-449-3082 or


Download the Equity In Mental Health Framework

Download the Equity In Mental Health Framework

A Framework of Recommendations for Colleges and Universities to Support the Mental Health of Students of Color. Now with toolkit.

About The Steve Fund

The Steve Fund is dedicated to the mental health and emotional well-being of students of color. Right at this moment, there are students of color who are failing academically, suffering emotionally and/OR in some cases are facing serious risk, because population-specific factors influencing mental health are too poorly understood and not acted upon. We are taking action. Learn more.

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