Recent Program Activities

Young, Gifted, and @ Risk Conference at Stanford University

The second national conference “Young, Gifted, and @ Risk” took place at the Clarke Center of the Stanford University School of Medicine, Friday November 20th, 2015; the  event was co-sponsored with the Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity (CCSRE), Center of Excellence for Diversity, Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE), and the Steve Fund.

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Symposium on Mental Health of College Students at Brown University

The Stephen C. Rose Legacy Fund and the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicty at Brown University partnered to present “Young, Gifted and@Risk” a daylong symposium convening outstanding experts in mental health and university leaders to explore the challenges to mental and emotional health facing young people of color, and strategies to address them.

Selection of the Stephen C. Rose Legacy Scholar
Through Active Minds, an outstanding organization supporting the mental health of the nation’s college students, the Fund is supporting the development of scholarship about behavioral health. Stephen C. Rose Legacy scholars will focus on research relating to mental and emotional health of students of color, and will be connected with a network of emerging researchers and national experts in the field of behavioral health.

Presentation of Webinar Series on Mental Health of Students of Color
The Stephen C. Rose Legacy Fund is partnering with the JED Foundation, a leader in emotional health and suicide prevention among college students, to present a webinar series for college mental health and student services providers on a set of critical themes related to the mental health of college students of color. Presenters include leading scholars and practitioners

Mental Health Partnership with Harvard Black Alumni Society:

The Stephen C. Rose Legacy Fund and Harvard Black Alumni Society have joined forces to promote the mental and emotional health and well-being of young Harvard Alumni and university students through a new initiative of the Society.

Sponsorship of Mental Health Focus at Black Solidarity Conference at Yale University:
The Stephen C. Rose Legacy Fund provided support to incorporate a focus on mental and emotional health of black college students at this annual convening of hundreds from across the nation hosted at Yale University. The Black Solidarity Conference at Yale seeks to bring undergraduates of all colors together to discuss issues pertaining to the African Diaspora.  Through discussions, panels, networking and social gatherings, over 700 students analyze issues affecting our community and explore solutions to undertake  at their respective college campuses

The Mind, Body and Spirit: Men’s Health & Wellness Conference and Fair:

The Stephen C. Rose Legacy Fund helped to sponsor Journey to Healing program at Harlem Hospital, a gathering of thought leaders, healthcare professionals, community advocates discussing important topics as they relate to men’s health.  Mental health was an area of special interest.