Building mental and emotional health knowledge and capacity among organizations serving young people of color is a critical element of the Steve Fund’s mission. We offer an array of programs and services designed to assist both, institutions of higher education and nonprofits, in improving their mental health and emotional well-being support for students of color. Programs and services include workshops, webinars, expert speakers, training and tech innovations. These services are designed and delivered by Steve Fund mental health experts: psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and scientific advisors.

Listed below are our programs and offerings for 2016-2018.

  • Student Lifecycle Programs: Support transition for young people of color from home to college, college persistence, college to career. For this group, we offer Self Care workshops addressing:
    • Microaggressions
    • Imposter syndrome
    • Perceived discrimination
    • Dealing with stereotypes
    • LGBTQ series
    • Crisis Text Messaging Service for those in a crisis / suicidal situation
    • Crisis Text Messaging Service
    • Support for students transitioning from college to career
  • Support for parents
  • Technical assistance for faculty, staff and administrators
  • Mental health speaker series on campus and conferences
  • Online resources and apps

For more detailed information about our programs and workshops please contact