Dannie Bell
 Dannie Bell is a first-year at Harvard studying Environmental Science and Engineering.  She is a class REP of the Office for Sustainability and a staff writer for the Crimson’s magazine, Fifteen Minutes.  She is also a member of the Harvard Active Minds Chapter and focuses on BIPOC mental health support.  She enjoys playing soothing songs on her ukulele, and finds her running practice quite grounding. She is also Steve’s cousin.
 Kaelyn Huang is a senior scholar at Dublin High School where she finds interest in behavioral sciences and works to end the stigma surrounding mental health. Kaelyn is an insightful and a motivated individual with future aspirations to pursue a career in neurology and act as a voice for individuals in her community. She hopes to not only continue her work as a teenage mental health advocate, but also to discover her own identity through her passions in running marathons and traveling the world.
 Jay Wang, M.S. (pronouns: he/him) is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health in Community Health Practice at the University of Texas Health Science Center Houston. He has been involved with The Steve Fund since 2017, starting as a Youth Advisory Board member. Jay desires to continue building a foundation and space for students of color where they may thrive and be their true authentic selves. His current interests lie in LGBTQ+ youth, immigrant and refugee populations, first-generation students, and displaced/homeless youth. 

Season 2 entitled: Secrets of Well-being, and will focus on mental well-being as being valuable in its own right, and not just as an asset to advance one’s education or career. Drawing inspiration from the Six Dimensions of Wellness instated by the National Wellness Institute (NWI), the podcast will explore Occupational, Emotional, Physical, Social, Intellectual and Spiritual Health. 

Episode 1: Occupational Well-being

How do you know you’re doing what you’re meant to do? What do you do when you wake up in the morning and realize that you want to do something else? How do you maintain a healthy relationship between work and personal life? Individuals of color from all walks of life, from studying to interning to working, may ask themselves these questions. In this episode, co-hosts Jay, Kaelyn, and Dannie are joined by Francesca Miller and Carol Jacob to reflect on the matter of choice and feeling effective at work while maintaining one’s mental health.

Episode 2: Emotional Well-being 

Many of us may suppress, hide, or misunderstand our own emotions because they’re inconvenient or unpleasant, or because we don’t know how to deal with them. Maybe we’re afraid that if we start unpacking, we’ll never stop. Emotions are valid signals from our bodies. They’re part of being human and how we empathize and connect with others. In this episode Dannie, Jay, and Kaelyn are joined by co-host Gisela Ortega to discuss how emotions play a role in our lives and how BIPOC youth can use their emotions to create positive change in their lives.


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