Episode 5, Spiritual-being

Forming better habits, deepening self-knowledge, and tapping into a higher purpose are all insights that have been touched upon by various faith traditions. What does it mean to surrender? How can we find peace and relinquish the need to control that which we cannot? How can we help others from the perspective that we are all connected? In this episode Dannie, Jay, and Kaelyn are joined by co-hosts Jada Thompson and Chevaughn Wellington to tackle these big questions, as well as answer the question: How is spiritual well-being connected to mental health and well-being?

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Spiritual Well-Being Top Take Aways

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Thanks again for Ashish Thakur (he/him) for joining us on this episode of SpeakOnIt as we discuss social well-being. 

In this episode about social well-being, we discussed our own experiences with our immigrant parents as well as our overall experiences on how we manage our own social and mental health. 

1.     “I think it’s incredibly…incredibly essential that we inquire about what it takes to promote compassion, promote listening, promote gratitude, promote pro-social behaviors, [and] acts of kindness.” –Ashish 

2.     “…I think it goes down into listening and whether or not we are active listeners, and whether or not we are genuinely there for another individual.” –Jay 

3.     “Even if your intent is genuinely good, I don’t think it should excuse the face that you overstep a boundary.” –Kaelyn 

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