Episode 5, Intellectual-being

IQ tests, the SAT, graduate school entrance exams. The way our intelligence and capacity for learning are measured against our peers can leave us feeling stressed or unmotivated. Students are driven to memorize lists of facts instead of asking questions and thinking outside the box. What kinds of things spark our innate curiosity, and how can we nurture our own intellectual health? How does our intellectual health relate to our mental health? In this episode, Dannie, Jay, and Kaelyn are joined by Dr. Chris Rose to reflect on these questions.



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Episode 5: Intellectual Well-Being 

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Shoutout to Dr. Chris Rose (he/him) for joining us this episode! 

Similarly to how Francesca was throwing out nuggets of wisdom during our Occupational Well-Being conversation, Dr. Rose really took the lead for me when regarding intellectual wellbeing. Here are my takeaways from our conversation: 

1.     “You can’t go through life without having some ups and downs. That’s what life is about, right? But being happy about things, and having that spirit that things are going to get…better. And you’re going to be an agent in making it…better.” –Chris 

2.     When asked how we can be lifelong learners, Dr. Rose shared the following: 

“I don’t know how you can’t be a proponent of lifelong learning if you’re alive. And if you’re not, if you end up…thinking that you’re not learning stuff, you may need to think about what it is you’re doing because what you’re doing may be soul-deadening.” –Chris 

3.    While discussing intellectual curiosity and learning, Dr. Rose emphasizes that students and people should  “…see it, experience it, incorporate it, and build upon it.”

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