Episode 3, Physical Well-being

From governmental health recommendations to corporate ad campaigns, from magazines to television, we are flooded  with information on how to be physically well. However, it can seem at times as if the clues are pointing in different directions. How do we know which path to follow? How do we find a fitness plan, a nutritional lifestyle, and a sleep schedule that works for us? Join Dannie, Jay, and Kaelyn as they discuss these questions and more with co-hosts Fatema Saifuddin and Dr. Michelle Maidenberg, author of Free Your Child From Overeating: 53 Mind-Body Strategies For Lifelong Health.


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SpeakOnIt Podcast Season 2: Secrets of Well-Being 

Episode 3: Physical Well-Being 

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Disclaimer: As a gentle reminder, the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by the hosts, guest panelists, and blog writers are their own and do not represent the views, thoughts, and opinions of The Steve Fund. 


As always, I want to give an appreciative shoutout to our panelists for this episode, Dr. Michelle Maidenberg (she/her) and Fatema Saifuddin (she/her).

For this week’s episode, I really enjoyed the insights of my fellow speakers when they shared the following: 

1.     “It [physical wellbeing] also has to be connected to values. So I think people do [wellbeing] for different reasons…So it has to really be significant to the person.” –Dr. Maidenberg 

2.     “…One of the big things that helped me change my mindset around my body image was…being in an area where I felt like I was seeing more diverse groups and more diverse body types.” –Fatema 

3.     “…Learning to love yourself in a way where you can be independent and do the things that you love.” –Kaelyn 

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References and other material discussed in the podcast: 

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