Episode 4, Social Well-being

Having a tree of supportive family and friends is key to mental wellbeing. This is especially true when we go through major life changes such as transitioning into higher education or the workforce. From investing in relationships to setting healthy boundaries, Dannie, Jay, and Kaelyn are joined by co-host Ashish Thakur to discuss how to cultivate this kind of network.

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SpeakOnIt Podcast Season 2: Secrets of Well-Being 

Episode 4: Social Well-Being 

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Thanks again for Ashish Thakur (he/him) for joining us on this episode of SpeakOnIt as we discuss social well-being. 

In this episode about social well-being, we discussed our own experiences with our immigrant parents as well as our overall experiences on how we manage our own social and mental health. 

1.     “I think it’s incredibly…incredibly essential that we inquire about what it takes to promote compassion, promote listening, promote gratitude, promote pro-social behaviors, [and] acts of kindness.” –Ashish 

2.     “…I think it goes down into listening and whether or not we are active listeners, and whether or not we are genuinely there for another individual.” –Jay 

3.     “Even if your intent is genuinely good, I don’t think it should excuse the fact that you overstep a boundary.” –Kaelyn 

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