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 Dannie Bell is a first-year at Harvard studying Environmental Science and Engineering.  She is a class REP of the Office for Sustainability and a staff writer for the Crimson’s magazine, Fifteen Minutes.  She is also a member of the Harvard Active Minds Chapter and focuses on BIPOC mental health support.  She enjoys playing soothing songs on her ukulele, and finds her running practice quite grounding. She is also Steve’s cousin.
 Kaelyn Huang is a senior scholar at Dublin High School where she finds interest in behavioral sciences and works to end the stigma surrounding mental health. Kaelyn is an insightful and a motivated individual with future aspirations to pursue a career in neurology and act as a voice for individuals in her community. She hopes to not only continue her work as a teenage mental health advocate, but also to discover her own identity through her passions in running marathons and traveling the world.
 Jay Wang, M.S. (pronouns: he/him) is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health in Community Health Practice at the University of Texas Health Science Center Houston. He has been involved with The Steve Fund since 2017, starting as a Youth Advisory Board member. Jay desires to continue building a foundation and space for students of color where they may thrive and be their true authentic selves. His current interests lie in LGBTQ+ youth, immigrant and refugee populations, first-generation students, and displaced/homeless youth. 

The SpeakOnIt! podcast brings together students and professionals to discuss topics relating to mental health and the challenges that Black, Indigenous, and People of Color may face during their academic and professional careers.  Listen to Season 1 NOW! 


Episode 1, Resilience v. Persistence, our primary hosts, Dannie, Jay, and Kaelyn discuss their perspectives on the conversation regarding resilience and persistence.

Episode 2, Mentorship in Higher Education, Youth Advisory Board member Danyelle Williams, and Dr. Kia Darling-Hammond join us to discuss ways students and mentors can navigate the mentor-mentee relationship.

Episode 3, Graduation and Life Goals, we are joined by Dr. Michael Fu, and Dr. La’Tonya Reese Miles discuss ways to navigate life expectations, milestones, and how there is no one “right” way to reach your goals in life.

Episode 4, Expectations: What Are They? Where Do They Come From?, Selorna Ackuayi and Dr. David Rivera provide their expertise on how to navigate and process multiple sources of expectations and stressors.

Episode 5, Success: What It Means to Students, Sedina Ackuayi and Dr. Janice Beal join Dannie, Jay, and Kaelyn dissect success and multiple perspectives on what it means to students.

Episode 6, How to Get Out of Your Shell and Find Your Home Away From Home, Kaelyn and Dannie probe the brilliant minds of Lauren Westbrook McIntosh and Dr. Michelle Maidenburg for the key to social wellness in college.

Episode 7, Getting the Most Out of Your College Years, we have Jon Mirador and Jason Rose for a conversation on getting the most of our college years. We discuss the different ways to make the most with your education and adding our personal insights.

Episode 8, Gap Years and Sabbaticals, we talk with Rhea Bennett and share our experiences with taking gap years.

Episode 9, Advocacy and Listening, Youth Advisory Board members Jasmine Geyen and Jonea Ahoussoussi join us to discuss advocacy in mental health and the real world. We delve into the idea of what it means in choosing to listen and making people heard.

Episode 10, Blood v. Chosen Family, Theron McInnis and Dr. Kia Darling-Hammond join us to discuss the importance of belonging and how family (blood and/or chosen) plays a vital role in this phenomenon.

Episode 11, Competition in Higher Education, Youth Advisory Board member Chevaughn Wellington joins Jay and Dannie to discuss the drawbacks of hypercompetitive environments. They also come up with ways to navigate these spaces successfully and with a healthy mind.

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