Episode 3, Graduation and Life Goals

In this episode, the Steve Fund’s Youth Advisory Board is joined by Dr. Michael Fu, and Dr. La’Tonya Reese Miles. They discuss ways to navigate life expectations, milestones, and how there is no one “right” way to reach your goals in life.




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Five Considerations When You’re Feeling Down About Meeting Life “Milestones”

By Jay Wang
This episode of the podcast resonated due to my personal journey navigating preconceived milestones that my family and I hold about life goals and expectations. The following five items were key considerations that I have taken from our panel discussion, and I would love to hear some of y’all’s perspectives as well! 
On life goals and milestones… 
“Some people have more options and more opportunities than others. But just keep in mind there’s a longer game…a longer road.” -Dr. La’Tonya Reese Miles 
On major and career choices… 
“More than likely, you’ll do something for a couple of years, and then you move on to something else.” -Dr. La’Tonya Reese Miles 
On burn out… 
“You can’t learn if you’re burnt out…Just know that if you’re burnt out, you are not your best and whatever comes in front of you will not be its best.” -Dr. Michael Fu 
On sabbaticals/gap years… 
“[A sabbatical] doesn’t have to be a full year, it doesn’t have to be a significant amount of time. You can do these things in short amounts of time.” -Dr. Michael Fu 
On talking with loved ones…
”It will take time for your parents to understand where you’re coming from, and it will take time for you to understand where your parents are coming from because there’s a lot of info exchange that needs to happen.” -Dr. Michael Fu

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