Episode 5, Success: What It Means to Students

In this episode, Sedina Ackuayi and Dr. Janice Beal join Youth Advisory Board members Dannie, Jay, and Kaelyn to dissect success and multiple perspectives on what it means to students.



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Our Three Favorite Quotes from Janice Beal, PhD

By Dannie Bell
As a psychologist, Dr. Janice Beal helps people overcome mental and emotional barriers in order to live the lives they want.  We think that her infectiously positive thinking can be helpful for anyone to hear!
“The ability to keep going, I think, is what separates people.” – Janice Beal
In the episode, Dr. Beal describes perseverance as a determining factor.  She emphasizes the importance of trying again, even after setbacks.  You can’t truly know what is available to you unless you try.
“Because if people aren’t positive within your inner circle, and they have negative thoughts, they will bring you down.” –Janice Beal
Your thoughts and your beliefs about what you’re capable of are influenced by the people you surround yourself with.  Not only will you feel better hanging out with positive people, but you will be more likely to pursue challenging endeavors.
“If you’re able to do it, you do deserve it and you can achieve it and all things are possible. And so the world becomes yours.” – Janice Beal
I also love what Sedina said: When you fail, you learn.  When you learn, you become confident.  So, confidence comes from failure.

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