National Latina/o Psychological Association Scholarship

The National Latina/o Psychological Association Announces the Stephen C. Rose Scholarship

The goal of The Stephen C. Rose Scholarship is to promote the emotional well-being and mental health of youth in ethnically diverse communities. To achieve this goal, the scholarship aims to encourage Latina/o scholars and support their research of Latina/o youth.

One scholarship of $1,000 plus travel stipend to present the award at the biannual conference in 2018. It will be awarded  to support an undergraduate or a graduate student who is committed to: 1) conducting research with and about Latina/o youth in high school or young adults in college; and 2) helping the Latina/o community overcome challenges that negatively impact Latina/o young adults.

*Note: The deadline for the 2018 Steve Fund NLPA scholarship passed in February.  Please stay tuned for the awardee announcement.* 

The Stephen C. Rose Scholarship, supported through The Steve Fund, is in memory of Stephen C. Rose who received a graduate psychology degree and held a strong passion for diversity. The Steve Fund established this scholarship in recognition of the inspiration that Stephen gave to all of those who knew him. Stephen was a young African American man who lived life with courage, determination, and compassion. As a result, The Steve Fund was created by his family and friends to promote the mental and emotional well-being of young people of color.


Latina/o youth confront a number of social, health, and psychological difficulties, including racism, discrimination, and poverty that negatively impacts the emotional well-being and increases the need for mental health services. The Stephen C. Rose scholarship aim is two-fold: 1) to promote Latina/o scholars; and 2) to advance the research in the psychosocial factors that negatively impact youth and young adults of color, increase understanding of barriers to success, and promote resiliency.


1) A member of NLPA
2) Undergraduate or Graduate student
3) Demonstrated commitment to research on Latina/o youth in high school or young adults in college
4) Presentation of research findings at the NLPA 2016 Conference


Application materials must include:
1) Personal statement (500 words or less) that reflects on the applicant’s personal or career experience and/or interest in aiding Latina/o youth in high school or young adults in college;
2) Curriculum vitae indicating research and/or experience working with Latina/o youth in high school or young adults in college ;
3) A summary/abstract of ongoing or proposed research focused on the emotional well-being and mental health of Latina/o youth in high school or young adults in college ; and
4) University Transcript

All materials must be electronically submitted by April 21, 2017 to Dr. Eduardo Morales at ( ).

The financial award of $1000 will be given to the award recipient after the research study has been accepted for presentation to the NLPA 2016 Conference. The recipient will also be refunded for travel expenditures made to attend the NLPA Conference (i.e., travel to/from location of NLPA conference, and room/board for two nights at NLPA Conference location).

Acceptance of Scholarship Conditions

If the Stephen C. Rose scholarship is granted, the recipient hereby agrees to its conditions, which are:
1) Submit research study for presentation at the NLPA 2018 Conference; and
2) Present research results at the NLPA 2018 Conference.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, contact Dr. Eduardo Morales at

Our Mission: Promoting the mental health and emotional well-being of young people of color