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About The Steve Fund’s Youth Advisory Board 

The purpose of the Youth Advisory Board is to engage high school and college students of color from across the nation in discussion about ongoing issues and needs pertinent to the mental health and emotional well-being of their peers. The YAB member perspectives and recommendations help to influence The Steve Fund’s goals, programming, communications and impact.

The Youth Advisory Board provides an opportunity to:

Increase awareness: Build knowledge and understanding of issues affecting the mental health and wellness of young people of color and understanding to become an advocate and leader in the mental health field;  Build community: Connect with peers from across the country who are also passionate and committed to mental health and communities of color;  Strengthen leadership skills: Gain leadership skills and experience through public speaking, writing, and advocacy activities;  Increase understanding: Learn firsthand about how a national nonprofit organization leverages its relationships and operations to advance equity in mental health. 


Applications to join the Youth Advisory Board are now open. The application deadline is June 30, 2021.  

SpeakOnIt! Podcast

The SpeakOnIt! podcast brings together students and professionals to discuss topics relating to mental health and the challenges that Black, Indigenous, and People of Color may face during their academic and professional careers.  

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Kaelyn Huang

Kaelyn Huang is a senior scholar at Dublin High School where she finds interest in behavioral sciences and works to end the stigma surrounding mental health. Kaelyn is an insightful and a motivated individual with future aspirations to pursue a career in neurology and act as a voice for individuals in her community. She hopes to not only continue her work as a teenage mental health advocate, but also to discover her own identity through her passions in running marathons and traveling the world.

Elver Bell

Elver Bell, III  is a Senior scholar athlete at Fordham Preparatory School in the Bronx, NY.  He sees himself as a bridge builder for community and demonstrates that in his ability to traverse Varsity Athletics like soccer, track & field, and tennis while also engaging in theater, school ministry, leading his Skateboard Club, and playing in his local band.  He is currently working to bring The Steve Fund Workshop on Mental Wellness to his high school.  

Jonea Ahouissousi

Jonea Ahouissousi graduated from The University of Virginia in 2017 where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Women, Gender, and Sexualities. While at university, Jonea created a program called Success at SEA, designed to help African-American fourth year students transition from the university to the “real world”. Jonea is currently pursuing a dual Masters’s degree at George Mason University in Conflict Resolutions and Social Work where she works in the Social Work Integrative Research Lab as a graduate research assistant under Dr. Eric Waithaka.

G. Phillip Bell

G Philip Bell is a athlete and honors student at Fordham Preparatory School in the Bronx. He wants to educate everyone on the importance of mental health and fight for social justice. He is president of numerous clubs and runs Cross country, track, and plays lacrosse. Philip wants to make the world a safe space for all people. 

Dannie Bell

Dannie Bell is travelling with Up With People as she takes a gap year, eventually matriculating into Harvard College’s Class of 2024. A competitive runner and an avid yogi, Dannie is passionate about physical and mental wellness. She believes that an important promoter of both is community.

Alexis Collier

Alexis Collier is an ambitious and tenacious medical student attending the Lewis Katz School of Medicine in pursuit of becoming a premiere child and adolescent psychiatrist. During her previous tenure as a board member, Alexis hosted events focused on self-care, time-management, depression, and self-improvement. She hopes to continue her work of creating safe spaces for young people to explore their goals, thoughts, and grievances in a manner that is productive and consistent with promoting mental wellness. She looks forward to continuing her ambassadorship with The Steve Fund’s Youth Advisory Board.

Nia Dingle

Nia Dingle is currently in her senior year at Guilford College and will be graduating in May 2020. She is a double major in Psychology and African/African American Studies. Having lost her father to the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001, Nia knows what overcoming adversity and trauma looks like. Nia believes that everyone deserves to have access to care and hopes to be a therapist once completing a Master’s in social work. Her interests are predominantly in mental health as it pertains to children/ adolescent youth, families, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Nia knows that intersectionality is key when talking about one’s mental health. Although, one of Nia’s passions is working to destigmatize mental health as it pertains to the African American community, she also hopes that there will grow to be better awareness of the realities of mental health prevalence overall, so that people won’t suffer in silence. Through Nia’s position on the Steve Fund Youth Advisory Board she hopes to gain more knowledge in her field of interest as well as make positive change in the way others view mental health and educate others on how they can make a difference.

Taytum Dunn

Taytum Dunn is a senior at Xavier University of Louisiana studying Psychology and Speech Pathology. Taytum joined The Steve Fund because it is one of few programs that exist in the U.S. that targets students of color. This population is not only important to her because she is a part of this community, but also because it is the most underrepresented. Taytum continues to serve on the YAB as The Steve Fund gives her a voice to help.

Jasmine Geyen

Jasmine L. Geyen is a junior who attends Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. She is majoring in International Studies and French and minoring in Political Science. Jasmine’s goal after graduating from Spelman is to attend graduate/law school. Jasmine is a native of Houston, Tx. She attended and graduated in the International Baccalaureate program at the Awty International School. She also created her own non profit organization called Hugs4Houston, dedicated to help those who are displaced by natural disasters in the Houston area.

Melanie Hall

Melanie Hall is currently a senior at Robert Morris University studying Psychology with a minor in Public Relations. Melanie joined the YAB to provide safe spaces and resources for students of color surrounding their struggles with mental health. Melanie is passionate about ending the stigma about mental health in communities across the world. She hopes to make it easier to have open conversations about mental health.

Ryan Houston-Dial

Ryan Houston-Dial

Ryan Houston-Dial is a senior undergraduate at the University of Texas at San Antonio student studying Psychology while minoring in Anthropology.  He has interests in a career in clinical counseling and social work research. He is an assistant opinion editor at The Paisano: UTSA’s Student Publication. Ryan likes to spend his time writing, watching sports and trying new foods. Through his love of writing, Ryan is motivated to communicate the importance of mental health to minority groups.

Seher Raza

Seher Raza is a graduate of the University of Virginia in 2017 with a degree in Psychology. At the University of Virginia, she completed her own research and undergraduate thesis on mindfulness, which is currently in review for publication. Also, at the University of Virginia Seher created her own program called Write Direction, which aimed to help students of color academically and mentally using counseling and expressive writing. Since graduating she continued exploring her love for mental health and education and worked as a psychiatric technician at a Mental Health Institute psychiatric hospital, social worker, and teacher. Currently, Seher practices social work at Burke Health and Rehab Center working with the geriatric population and exploring end-of-life care. During the Covid-19 crisis, Seher won Employee of the Year and continues to work front-line while also pursuing her LPC and School Counseling license at George Mason.

Brittany Nguyen

Brittany Nguyen (she/hers) is a 2nd year graduate student pursuing her Masters of Public Health at San Francisco State University. She identifies as a first generation college student, Vietnamese American, the eldest daughter of refugees, an aspiring public health practitioner, and a mental health advocate. Brittany began to invest in her own mental health during her undergraduate career when she interned at a prevention and early intervention mental health and wellness program and from her own personal experience. This experience led Brittany to become very passionate about mental health and the well being of others. Since then, she has served in many capacities to help combat against the stigma on mental health through education, research, and advocacy. Brittany’s passion led her to create a student led and organized inaugural mental health conference at her undergraduate campus, direct and premier a short film about depression raising mental health awareness at a Vietnamese film festival. She was awarded an Active Minds Emerging Scholars Fellowship that allowed her focus on advocating high school youth’s mental health, and share mental health resources with her community. She is very passionate about advancing health equity and hopes to empower folks that will manifest in a happier and healthier community.

Chevaughn Wellington

Chevaughn Wellington

Chevaughn Wellington is a 4th year medical student planning to pursue a career in Psychiatry. Her enthusiasm for mental health developed due to her clinical experiences in medical school, the effects of complex trauma on her community, and her personal experience with anxiety. She is grateful that The Steve Fund prioritizes the mental health of BIPOC students and she looks forward to continue serving in the YAB.

Danyelle Williams

Danyelle Williams

Danyelle Williams is currently in her last year of her master’s degree in Social Work through Stephen F. Austin University. Danyelle joined The Steve Fund to help bring awareness of mental health opportunities to students of color on the community college level. She believes in the importance of mental health and hopes to reduce the stigma that often surrounds it, especially with people of color. Through The Steve Fund she hopes to create avenues and a safe space to those she serves in her professional career.

Cindy Chau

Cindy Chau graduated from Harvard University in 2019, where she studied Neurobiology. While in undergrad, she directed a peer counseling group focused on expanding support for students of color and first-generation students. Cindy currently supervises a student-run homeless shelter and volunteers on a suicide prevention hotline. As an aspiring psychiatrist, Cindy is extremely passionate about decreasing mental health stigma and increasing access to mental health services for people of color.

Diana Aguilera

Diana Auilera is a Masters in Public Policy candidate at the George Washington University with a concentration in immigration policy and a certificate in Public Health. She graduated from Queens College, the City University of New York with a Bachelor of Arts. Her commitment to serving the community has led her to focus on immigrant experiences by raising awareness in intersectional social aspects. Currently, Diana serves as a Clinton Global Initiative University awardee focusing on discussions aiming to destigmatize mental health. In addition to this, Diana is a Knapp Fellowship recipient, researching healthcare barriers for immigrants in the area of Washington DC. After completing her studies, she hopes to share her research findings with other smaller community clinics. Moreover, Diana wants to organize and lead discussions addressing the inaccessible features of telemedicine and how clinics can get more resources to assist the community.

Gabby Mayeda

Gabby Mayeda is a sophomore at Bishop O’Dowd High School in Oakland California. Gabby is an avid learner and member of her school community. She is involved in a variety of programs such as student council, debate, and lacrosse. Gabby is passionate about social justice and mental health, especially in youth of color and strives to be the best ally and advocate she can be.

Regine Roquia

Regine Roquia is a senior Psychology major at San Diego State University where she has been persistent in advocating for communities and building relationships within the organizations she has been involved in. She currently serves on the board for SDSU Psi Chi/Psychology Club and is an active member of Rotaract of SDSU. She has served as a Resident Advisor for the past 3 years, is involved in vaccination research and works as an undergraduate teaching assistant for a Health Psychology class. Regine believes in reaching underserved communities to provide physical and mental health equity for all, and hope that will continue with me in my career goals ahead.


2018-2019 Cohort

Alejandra Perez, Lone Star College Cy-Fair
Annie Walker, Wright State University
Idris Mitchell, Yale University
Jay Wang, University of North Texas Health Science Center
Lydia Horan, Yale University
Maya Terry, Washington University
Melina Acosta, The University of Texas at Austin
Melissa Sandoval, The College of New Jersey
Selena Huapilla-Perez, Michigan State University
Shantalea Johns, Wayne State University
Susana Zelaya Rivera, Ursinus College
Taytum Dunn, Xavier School of Louisiana 

2017-2018 Cohort

Alice Lindo, UC Santa Cruz
Alyssa Ince, Yale University
Brittany Washington, Georgia University
Dazialee Goodwin, Saint Louis University
Gustavo Molinar, Ohio State University
Idris Mitchell, Yale University
Jada Hill, Pennsylvania State University
Jay Wang, University of North Texas Health Science Center
Jazmin Pruitt, Georgetown University
Kenna Chick, Georgetown University
Kyle Cayemittes, Baruch College
Maya Terry, Washington University
Melina Acosta, The University of Texas at Austin
Simeon Skylvester, Pennsylvania State University
Vania Richardson, California State University


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